Kaytee’s acumen and skill regarding social equity and organizational development have been invaluable to me both personally and professionally. Her ability to listen to presenting challenges with clarity and generosity make her an invaluable sounding board and asset to any individuals and groups seeking more than just process, but who also desire coaching on tangible next steps and measurable outcomes.
— PaKou Her, former Executive Director, 18 Million Rising
We brought Kaytee on to lead a complex, multi-stage and sensitive process for our organization. From start to finish Kaytee did an AMAZING job. She was thoughtful, details oriented and impeccable. We would highly recommend Kaytee for a range of projects!
— Phil Ireland, Managing Director, OPEN
At every step of the hiring process, Kaytee helped us notice our assumptions, act outside our biases, and live our values of equity and justice. She did all this with humility and respect for the entire team.
— Matthew Armstead, Former Coordinator, Earth Quaker Action Team and Trainer, Training for Change
Kaytee Ray-Riek is amazing! She’s a thoughtful facilitator, with a passion for supporting organizations in building equitable work cultures. Combining deep knowledge and intuition, she’s helped our team take steps toward building a culture grounded in deep respect for one another.
— Katie Eukel, CEO, Fourth sector consulting
As my agency continues to expand and grow in staff numbers and programs I want to ensure that we remain true to our agency culture and mission. Kaytee provides the perfect platform for agency leaders to learn, discuss staff challenges, and create new opportunities for the agency and staff. It is imperative that agency directors have opportunities to work with outside consultants and I have really enjoyed talking, brainstorming, collaborating, and listening to Kaytee.
— Karen Musgrove MEd, LPC, Executive Director, Birmingham AIDS Outreach
Kaytee has experience with leading programs for progressive organizations and working alongside people of color to integrate a racial equity lens into her work. I often turn to Kaytee when I need a smart ally to strategize with on increasing equity in the progressive movement.
— Sudha Nandagopal, Environmental Justice Advocate
Kaytee’s is a talented/gifted professional. She is a strong advocate for social justice and inclusion of all people in the workforce and community. Her skills as a positive change agent has been beneficial for me as a an executive leader to work with our team to support our organizational transformation. Her insightful and thought provoking style, is refreshing and supports innovative and creative approaches to organizational growth and change management.
— Reginald Vicks, COO, CrescentCare
Kaytee is incredibly efficient, an excellent writer and campaign strategist, has great graphic design sense and skills, and is deeply dedicated to social justice. She’s flexible and fast-moving, and is a direct communicator. I’ll be forever grateful for the time we worked together!
— Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, Founder, SumOfUs
I have frequently sought out her advice on management, developing programs that improve racial equity, and corporate campaigning. Kaytee is expert at capacity building and guiding an organization through growth and change.
— Jessica Shearer, Campaign Strategist