Graphic Design

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Logo design

A logo I created for a summer fundraising drive for Earth Quaker Action Team. The goal was to make something energetic and light.

A logo I designed for a local organization that provides services for formerly incarcerated people. They didn't want anything "cliché" or alienating, like bars or birds. My goal was to show a transition from one thing to another, with ICJ at the center of that transition.



When SumOfUs launched its 'cultural principles' (which have since changed slightly from this handout), I wanted to make something that people could print and hang by their computers for easy reference. A simple list wouldn't work because we wanted people to actually look at it, so I designed this and we handed it out at a staff retreat.



There's a lot of information here, which is the point of an infographic. This was designed to send to people who had questions about the basic facts of a campaign.


Social Media Graphics

A quick image that ACT UP Philly was able to put on its Facebook page to try and generate attention and calls on this issue. It's worth noting this was happening about a week before Thanksgiving.

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Protests & campaign Stunts

Events, retreats & Conferences





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