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Building An Organizational Culture Rooted in Equity

You've certainly been in a group before where you could feel that something was off. Sometimes you can name it, but many times it's hard to put your finger on what's up. This happens even with the most "functional" groups.

Internal organizational cultural work doesn't have to be scary. And the truth is, discussions about culture are going to happen whether you want them to or not. So instead of sitting back and hoping no one gets upset about anything, I can help your team proactively look at what's going on just under the surface: What ways are people feeling friction with the culture? How do those overlap with historic oppression, and how do they not? What can we do about this to make a more inclusive, equitable workplace?

When organizations get proactive about culture, I've seen staff stick it out and work together to fix problems. That pays off hugely when, inevitably, big conflicts arise -- staff have seen change happen and want to stay because they know that it can happen again. But with organizations that don't? When things get tough, staff who are feeling the friction the most -- especially people of color, women, queer and trans folks, and others who are marginalized in the broader society -- quit, or stop bringing their all to the work, because their work isn't supporting them to bring their all.

If this sounds like something you'd like to think about more, reach out to me and we can talk about how I can support you and your team to proactively look at your internal culture and start building a track record of identifying and fixing friction points, before they turn into crises.

Meeting & Retreat Facilitation

Stop me if you've heard this before: Your team finally gets in-person time to delve into some growing issues, and suddenly you realize that it's noon and you've barely got through the first agenda item. Next time, you could consider bringing in an outside facilitator (like me!) to help design a creative and engaging agenda that frees everyone up to participate fully in the meeting. 



Sometimes you just need someone to talk to about what your team is up to, to help you understand why things are going the way they are, and work with you to figure out what to do next. In one or two meetings a month, we'll dig into specific cultural and personnel challenges that you're facing. By the end of your call, you'll know the next steps that you can take confidently. And, because we'll have a next call scheduled, you'll get built-in accountability and an opportunity to debrief and learn.

Kaytee is an absolute pleasure to work with, high energy, a fantastic communicator, receptive to feedback, and low-stress — key qualities in any consultant, I think.
— Glen Berman, Chief of Staff, SumOfUs


I have designed dozens of in-person and online trainings on topics like:

  • reducing implicit bias in hiring; 
  • noticing and responding to emerging group dynamics;
  • responding when a staff person hurts someone else;
  • giving feedback across cultural differences.

A good training isn't just delivering the content -- it's structuring the content in such a way that the participants can really learn the material. It means helping people experience what it's like to do the thing they're learning how to do. It means designing effective debriefs that roll into real-world applications. 

No matter your needs when it comes to training, I'd love to work with you to design the right training for you.


Organizations have to hire people, but how do you know the person you're hiring will work out? I can help you design a hiring process that helps you recruit diverse candidates, understand candidates' strengths and weaknesses, and get a full picture before making an offer to someone.