Have you ever worked on a team where everyone is supported to


so they can focus on doing amazing work?


My Mission + A Free Guide

I help build teams where everyone is welcome and included, so that staff can focus on their crucial work fighting for justice. That means proactively looking at where friction is showing up, even when everything seems fine but especially when it doesn't, and then taking concrete steps to make the organization more inclusive. Learn more about what I can do for your organization here.

I've written '6 Action Steps to Strengthen Team Culture' for people who are looking for some tools they can use to build a strong, resilient, inclusive team culture. I hope you find it useful!


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I send about two emails a month with information you might find useful as you build your best team culture.



Build a great culture, proactively

In all the jobs and volunteer work I've done, one thing has been consistent: The groups that proactively improve their internal cultures are more successful at retaining staff and coming up with new and exciting ways to accomplish their goals. This is doubly important when those groups are striving towards equity and inclusion -- building a diverse staff will be a huge uphill battle unless that team is proactively exploring the ways a team's culture may not work for everyone.

If you want to talk about the tools that any group, at any stage, can use to start digging in and building the culture they want, I'd love to hear from you!


Project-based support

One of the best ways I can support organizations is by joining up for a specific project. We might be planning your staff retreat, doing a series of trainings for managers, designing a hiring process that limits implicit bias, working with your team to review and make changes to your team culture, or any number of other things that make your life easier, your team more connected, and your organization more effective. 


Monthly support

Fostering an effective, inclusive team culture is ongoing. The little things you do add up, and you can't always predict what will happen tomorrow. In many cases, there's not a "project" to work on. What organizational leaders need is someone who is around to support them no matter what's happening, proactively moving things forward most of the time and who is up to speed and can jump in when things get tricky.



Sometimes organizational leaders just need a think partner who can sit with them, help them understand what's going on, and provide support so they can see what's next. In coaching relationships, we meet once or twice a month to talk confidentially about whatever is going on with your team. You'll leave with more confidence to tackle cultural challenges and keep moving towards a resilient, strong team culture.